I’m Looking For Cheap Weights That Are Affordable, What Do I Look For?

When looking to buy exercise equipment, you want to purchase the right equipment for what you are looking for, based on what your trying to exercise. There are many ways to find the right equipment for you based on what you are specifically trying to work muscle wise. If you are trying to work on your leg muscles like your quads and hamstrings, buying a good dumbbell set is not what you are looking for. If you were looking to strengthen your shoulder muscles, purchasing a medicine ball could work, but wouldn’t be the best choice. What you are trying to accomplish when purchasing exercise equipment is that your looking for cheap weights that you will get the most results for the lowest price possible. Let’s take a look and some of the factors when trying to work specific muscle groups.

If your looking to only burn calories to stay in shape, cardiovascular exercise is the way to go. Cardiovascular exercise, exercise that is meant to burn calories, does not build much muscle. It is meant to get your heart pumping and to get your body working so you can burn more calories. Great cardiovascular exercises that are fun and heart pumping include: Running, Bicycling, Swimming and any other sports.

People are focusing more and more on looking good, showing off their big muscles and six packs. People stop and wonder “How do they get that? Were they just born with that and it comes to them over time?” Answer is no. They work at it just like you have to if you want something. To have big muscles, you have to work out your muscles to develop them so you can “show them off”. It takes patience and dedication to work hard consistently to get what you want body wise.A simple daily exercise plan or every other day exercise plan is the easiest way to do this. A simple diet plan is also great in improving your body to become what you want it to look like as well. When focusing on specific muscle groups, great exercises may include:

– Dips
-Triceps extension

– Alternating Deltoid Raise
– Barbell Rear Delt Row
– Chest Press

– Bench Press
– Push ups
– Chest Press

– Sit-Up’s
– Crunches
– Planks
– “6 Inches”

– Squat Press
– Wall-Sits
– Jump Explosions

-Calf Raises
-Jump Explosions
– Jump Rope

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