Adjustable Kettlebell 10 – 40 lbs

Kettlebells and dumbbells are used by many people to get stronger and fit. Some people like dumbbells better while others like kettlebells. They are essentally the same thing but the Weider SpaceSaver 40 lb. Adjustable Kettle Bell makes a big difference. Instead of having multiple kettlebells or dumbbells varying in weight stolled all over the place, the Weider SpaceSaver 40 lb. Adjustable Kettle Bell is an adjustable weight that varies from 10 to 40 pounds in weight. It is ideal for people who dont want there workout equipment to take up alot of space. This adjustable kettlebell can be kept in a small place without any knowing but can be very beneficial when you want to workout.


Kettlebells are great for daily exercise in your home. They are good when you want to work your upper body that includes: Biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. They are very similar to dumbbells and can essentially be used for the same workouts.  When using kettlebells, remember to only lift what you feel safe using, dont over work yourself and risk hurting and injuring yourself. A kettlebell set /fit 15lb Vinyl Kettlebell (Various Sizes), is a great and cheap kettlebell set that lets you pick out the weights that you would like to have, ranging from 8 to 35 pounds. The more the weight, the harder the workout, creating more results, so pick carefully.